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The Life of a Bolt

This is a cool little video from Red Bull that follows a bolt from design to use. Thanks Nick for getting me the link.

Disable Folder Moves and Deletes on NTFS files system

Hans Fuller – March 2015 We were struggling with a very common problem; users inadvertently move files and folders by accident.   Then all of a sudden the files are gone and we need to use our shadow copy or restores to get the data back.     There has to be a way to… View Article

2016 Fall Conference

Pac-West 2016 Fall Conference and more

The fall conference in Portland has concluded and a great time was had by all and again, we actually learned something.  We visited the Eastside Plating plant and also a warehouse of a major fastener importer whose name starts with “B”.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the conference possible, all the great staff and… View Article

Holo-Krome Factory

Holo-Krome & Fuller – Stock in Seattle Washington

I just returned from a very busy and quick trip to our Mississauga (Toronto) warehouse and also a visit to the Holo-Krome factory. We have some very exciting news in regards to Holo-Krome and the West Coast distribution. Fuller has been a Master Distributor of Holo-Krome products in Canada for some time and we are very… View Article


Celebrating 40 Years in Business

  As managing director of Fuller Metric Parts I am proud to announce another milestone in the history of our company.  In June 2016 we celebrated 40 years in business.  What started out as a local, niche metric fastener specialist, has grown into a global supplier of a full range of metric and inch fasteners… View Article


Pac-West After Hours Denver

Just over 50 people attended the casual meeting in downtown Denver at ViewHouse rooftop bar, what a great way to meet local fastener professionals in a very casual atmosphere.I am very happy how this program has developed from the initial idea last year to a very successful program. Thanks to all who attended, it was fun to meet… View Article

2016 SH Train

Three weeks in China and Taiwan – Only two plane rides but 12 trains…..

The first week I stayed put and worked out of our office in Waigaoquiao Shanghai, which after all this time really seems like home but I just do not understand anyone.  The weather was quite nice in Shanghai with blue sky but a bit of rain.  This trip I really wanted to attend an event… View Article

The good, the Bad and “it’s always about the lowest price”

I just returned from almost 3 weeks in Asia and the jetlag is not letting go as quickly as usual. Spent a few days with the crew in our Shanghai warehouse reviewing procedures, training and refining some quality processes.  Also the usual planes, trains and automobiles to audit our current and a few new factories. Of… View Article